Kansas 1952-57

The earth didn't stand still the day I was born, but it was an important day anyway, at least to me. I have two perceptions that I think came from that day. There's nobody here who can say they didn't, so let's go with it even though I'm not sure.

The first thing I believe I remember is a room with bright light and shiny pale green tile on the wall behind a counter, then a man with glasses and thinning red hair. I fancy that the images in my mind are the delivery room and the physician who delivered me. That would be Dr. Crowley.

My birth certificate

Mom says Dr. Crowley told her I was a smart girl who would go places. Mom says she responded that "I guess we'd better set up a college fund for her, then." According to Mom, the doc said, "You won't need to. She'll get there on her own." Thanks a load, doc. Here it is almost 58 years later, and I'm STILL trying to get through college on my own.