Sallie left town for college. Beverly became a wife and mother and continues to serve with Mid-County Rescue.

Devin took off for college, where he studied fire science and was certified as an emergency medical technician. When he returned to Heathsville, he was elected as 2nd Lieutenant at Mid-County Rescue and was also active in the Callao Rescue Squad. A year later, Devin was recruited by Yorktown, VA Fire and EMS and was certified as a national registry EMT-I. When the recruiter called to verify Devin's references, I was proud to contribute glowing praise for his attention to detail, sense of order, assessment and treatment skills, and his ability to handle paperwork.

My fondest memory of Devin is a comment he made shortly after he took over the junior squad. Devin was 14 or 15 at the time. We were cleaning out files at the Mid-County station in preparation for an upcoming inspection by the Virginia Department of Health's Office of Emergency Medical Services. Devin was telling me about stuff his schoolmates were doing. "Children are so foolish," he grumbled.