About Becky

BeckyBecky is my little sister. See how beautiful she is? She is tall, fearless, versatile, and adventurous. She is one of the most thoughtful, gracious, and funny people I know.

Becky was born on June 29, 1956 in Wichita, Kansas, where we lived on what was then Woodchuck Lane in the Country Acres subdivision. A couple of days later, my father, Dick, and I went to Wichita to fetch Becky and Mom home. Our parents lay Becky down on the seat between them. From the back, I peeked over the front seat and looked down at her. She stared up at me with huge blue eyes.

The baby was named her Rebecca Jo. Our parents were taking Bible studies at Wichita's Redeemer Lutheran Church while Gen was pregnant with Becky. Back then there was no way to know what gender your baby would be, so Gen decided if the baby were a boy, he would be Isaac. If it were a girl, she would be Rebecca. Rebecca it was. The middle name "Jo" came about because Gen, a devoted reader to her children, was reading the book Little Women to me and my older sister, Sue, at the time.

Gen was not a drinker, but I recall that she did have a beer (for heartburn, she said) while she was pregnant with Becky. Also, the night Becky was born, thunderstorms roared across the plains west of Wichita. Neither event affected Becky in any adverse way that I can see.

Becky started laughing right away. Gen put a hand mirror in the bassinet to keep the baby occupied. Becky looked at the face in the mirror and laughed until her face turned red.

She is still laughing and invites us all laugh along with her. Among her infinite fine qualities, that's the one I cherish the most,

Join me in celebrating the life and times of the person at the top of my list of bests and favorites. Maybe she'll occupy a similar place on your list.