Baby FifeAlong with cats, dogs, big and small horses, goats, and chickens, there is Fife, a green iguana. Jessie brought the six-inch reptile home with its cute little cage and a supply of food, then promptly lost interest in her acquisition's care and feeding. Becky took over its upkeep. She decided it was twitchy, like Barney Fife, and named it after the venerable weirdo from Mayberry.

As Becky fed and handled Barney Fife, she realized something wasn't right. Off they went to the vet. Becky's iguana was a female, had a fungal infection in her skin, needed better light than that which came through Jessie's bedroom window, and needed a different diet. Becky bought The Book about iguanas and shortened the lizard's name to Fife, to better represent her gender.

If you ever find an uncomfortable amount of time and money on your hands, get an iguana. Lots of people would have just let the lizard expire from its ailments. Not Becky. She reorganized her life to ensure Fife's survival and comfort. She administered antibiotics and antifungals. She built a cage the size of Refrigerator Jerry's shack and installed appropriate lighting and HVAC. She rearranged the living room to make room for the cage. She bought special produce by the truckload and every morning made an elaborate salad for Fife. Every evening, Becky pooped the lizard by letting her move around in a bathtub of shallow water.

Fife bathWhen you watch an iguana motate in the bathtub, you realize it would be pretty easy to design the moving parts for a botguana.

You'd need something like a bell crank for the the shoulders, attached by linkage to another bell crank in the hips. Then when you pull the right arm back, the botguana's left hindleg moves forward. When you pull the left arm back, the right hindleg moves forward.

To see a video of the concept, click here, then advance the video slider to about 1:25 (the first 3/4 of the video is BOR-ING). (This is not video of Fife.)

If you want to invest the time, check out this amusing video. "Godzilla gets a bath..." shows some of the characteristics iguanas have that Becky finds endearing.