Life Goes On

Chenega Corporation logo8/26/09 - Becky, a global traveler in pursuit of quality assurance, is back in Alaska, where she goes periodically, attending to headquarters business for her employer, the Chenega Corporation. When she's there, you can bet that she always bumps into people who have interesting, funny, and weird things to say about Alaska.

A couple of trips ago, she reported that somebody told her the Alaska legislature was working on a bill to outlaw unseemly behavior of a sexual nature toward animals. (Ewwww. What's that imply about some people that right-minded citizens have to pass a law against it?) Anyway, the bill was known affectionately in Anchorage as "the Ididadog." Guffaw! But wait! There's more!

Becky's "News from Anchorage" email this morning delivered this tidbit, from the If Ya Play, Ya Got a Right to Win, No Matter Who Ya Are department:

"Apparently, Anchorage has a very high incidence of rape. I guess it's not like they have that much else to do, once the men-folk get all liquored up. It’s either rape women or kill and stuff some large furry animal. Once your house is full of stuffed large furry animals, that must only leave the rape option.

"They held a lottery with a jackpot of $500,000 to benefit a woman's shelter that deals with rape victims. Who won the jackpot? A convicted rapist. No, really! His picture was all over the news and folks were up in arms about it with only a few seeing the fantastic irony of the situation and most preferring to call it injustice. According to my AK co-worker, with karma being what it is, some other guy had been watching the news and recognized convicted rapist jackpot winner on the streets. What does he do? Mugs him and takes all his money! Another typical Anchorage day."

Becky noted later that the part about the mugging hasn't been substantiated, but let's pretend that it has; it's so much more satisfying that way.