Marriage #2

After Becky moved to Middletown, along came her childhood buddy, the Neighborhood Nemesis of 23rd Street, Robert. She found him with an internet search. They were married on Halloween Day in 2000. Just like when they were kids, they operate in their own little world on the funny side of life.

Becky shares these observations about Robert:

  • Robert and I were remodeling our kitchen and were replacing the countertop by the sink. He pulled the garbage disposer and disconnected all the plumbing to the sink so we could lift it out. While he was under the sink doing all that, he had a cup of coffee he decided he didn’t want, so he reached out from under the sink and poured it out in the basin...
  • We were hiking at Swallow Falls last year and Robert said he kept hearing an owl. I thought it strange for the middle of the day, but we stopped to listen. No owl. We started moving again and he said the owl started back up. Stopped to listen, no owl. I walked on the other side of him. The side that was holding the open coke bottle that the wind was whistling over and making the owl noise.
  • When Robert first moved to Maryland from Utah, I took him to Skyline Drive. He saw an animal on the side of the road, walking along. He asked what it was. I said it was a ground hog. Having never seen one before, he actually had me back up so he could take a picture of it.
  • When Robert was a kid, he and a few friends got together one night on trash night. They strung a rope across the street and secured each end to a full trash can. You can imagine the rest.

Wasatch Mountains from 23rd St. houseThe Neighborhood Nemesis and his buddies claim responsibility for setting a fire that burned a good chunk of mountainside east of Ogden during the crispy dry summer of 1966. "East of Ogden" does not imply a safe distance between fire and town. The mountains rise abruptly above houses on the foothills a half-mile east of where we lived. The fire burned for a couple of days, with smoke jumpers hacking fire lines and helicopters dumping flame retardant 24/7.