Oil Futures

Oil futures madnessIn recent years, Brad became interested in another strategic game, one that would seem completely unexpected for a middle-class computer programmer with a background in public education and military service. He began to play in the oil futures market.

In the course of the endeavor, I learned, by virtue of Brad's extensive explanations, how futures markets work and what was going on with oil most days. I began to pay attention to the price of oil and enjoyed seeing how Brad's own predictions of their behavior was usually accurate.

Were it not for Brad's thorough understanding of math and statistical probabilities, his ability to calculate risk, and his surprising willingness to embrace it, this venture could have led to financial ruin. It did not. Brad made respectable gains clear up until the time he got bored with futures and eased out of his positions.

He made his gains even more respectable by making financial contributions to his mother's well-being.