A Beating

Gen also became friendly with a man from her apartment building on Grace Street. She was so infatuated with him that she hauled him up to Washington so I could meet him. I was not impressed. To me, he had the washed-out blue eyes of a hard-core alcoholic and an oily demeanor that gave me the creeps. A chill ran up my spine when I saw how much Gen seemed to like this guy. I knew, however, that whatever he appeared to be from my perspective, there was no stopping Gen from a bull-goose-looney involvement with him. I kept my mouth shut; it would have been wasted breath to do otherwise.

Eventually the bad-news phone call came from Becky. Mom had been beaten up by "that guy from her building." She had visited the emergency department at Retreat Hospital to have her injuries documented, but she didn't require hospitalization.

Gen had been visiting Old Blue Eyes in his apartment. Something transpired there and Gen returned to her own apartment. The guy came pounding on her door. She let him in and he started pounding on her. Gen kicked him in the groin and he beat feet back to his own apartment, where presumably he crawled under a rock. Gen pressed charges.