A New Family

Doug Kershaw was a postal clerk, a single father to five children, who ranged in age from eight to 19. The family lived in Ogden, Utah. Doug's wife and the children's mother had died the year from multiple sclerosis. Doug and his kids had managed to care for their disabled mother and their household for many years. Their hands were many and capable. Everybody could cook and everybody knew how to keep house. It's no more clearer to me why Doug thought his kids needed a mother than why Gen thought her kids needed a father. Nevertheless, Doug submitted his own application to the Scientific Marriage Foundation and was matched up with Gen.

Blending a family, 1961On Christmas Eve in 1960, Doug and his kids drove to Akron in their 1957 Chevy four-door. All eight of us kids were crammed into two of our basement apartment's three bedrooms. Doug slept in Gen's room. On December 29, everybody piled into Gen's station wagon and drove to Aurora, where Doug and Gen were married. The ceremony was performed by the minister who had served the Kershaw's Methodist church in Ogden, but who had transferred to a church in Aurora shortly after Doug's wife passed away.

Left-to-right. Front row: Cindi McKinney, Becky McKinney, Bill Kershaw, Larkann Kershaw. Middle: Margaret Kershaw.

Back row: Sue McKinney, Gen, Doug Kershaw, Stephen Kershaw,
John Kershaw.