Dick McKinney

Gen in loveDick McKinney, pilotGen was working at Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Denver when she met a charismatic (WARNING, WARNING! DANGER DANGER!) patient named Dick Allen McKinney. Dick was a glider pilot who served in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. He was enjoying R&R on the psychiatric ward following incidents involving alcohol, firearms, and other behavior unbecoming to an officer. Dick had been hospitalized about four months when Gen met him. Now you'd think that would be a clue that something wasn't right with the guy, wouldn't you?

Not Gen. She married Dick anyway. (At least that's the story she tells. There are no photographs of any wedding events involving Gen and Dick. We have to take her word for it.) Since the war was pretty much over by then, both Gen and Dick were being processed for discharge. Gen got out first. Dick was discharged shortly thereafter. To be discharged, the Army made its recruits return to their place of induction. Gen headed for Chicago and Dick for California.