Driving an MG

Gen's MGGen got a hankering for a vehicle a little racier than the Dodge Alpine she bought with some of her divorce settlement money. She bought herself a used white MG convertible, like the one at left. I was dumbfounded--not because she bought a sports car, but because it didn't seem possible that she could get in and out of it. It was right low to the ground; Gen's back pain would seem to make it a poor choice of transport.

Gen allowed that it was tricky to enter and exit, but once she was in, the MG was the most comfortable car she had ever driven. I still can't figure it. All the accepted wisdom about back pain says you're the most comfortable with your knees bent. Sitting in the MG driver's seat, Gen's legs were extended pretty much straight in front of her. It should have been excruciating, but Gen said it wasn't and that was no doubt the truth. She drove up and down I-95 often (accompanied by frequent speeding tickets) to visit Becky and me while she had that car and not so much after she didn't have it anymore.

Gen could have never managed that car on her own, but she had Gloria to keep it running. It ran well for a while, then something catastrophic happened and the MG disappeared. It was fun while it lasted.