The first fight between Doug and Gen that I recall left Doug with chest pains, at which point Gen's medical training kicked in and she transformed herself into a concerned nurse. The doctor was called. Doug and Gen disappeared together for several hours. They came back with a report that Doug had some kind of cardiac event, but it wasn't exactly a heart attack. He was concerned that he wouldn't be able to have sex anymore.

Sex remained a medical possibility for Doug and Gen. Larkann and I shared the basement bedroom that was directly under theirs. We knew what was going on up there.

Gen's other kind of lust, that for travel and exploration, led to adventures in which the whole family could participate. The Kershaws had a dark green four-man canvas tent, with a center pole and numbers stencilled in white paint on the outside. It was probably acquired from Smith and Edwards, a war surplus outlet in West Ogden, along with an assortment of olive-drab canteens, cups, bowls, dinner plates, and air mattresses, some of which did not leak.

Mt. Ben Lomond from Malens PeakOn the west side of the Rockies are hundreds of fabulous sights and destinations (in addition to Smith & Edwards) that a big family can enjoy on the cheap.

This photo was taken from one of the box canyons east of Ogden--Taylor's Canyon. The trailhead was within walking distance of our front door. The mountain in the distance is Mt. Ben Lomond, which was framed in the picture windows that faced 23rd Street in the Ogden house.

You can't ask for better recreation and scenery than Ogden offers.

The summer of 1961 provided the first of many family camping trips as two-week vacations afar and weekend outings nearby. Gen and the six kids still at home packed up clothing, blankets, pillows, air mattresses, toilet paper, soap and towels, shoes and socks, reading material, filled a metal ice chest with perishables, loaded up the picnic basket with dishes and cutlery, packed boxes of snacks and breakfast cereal, filled canteens and five-gallon jugs with water, and piled all that gear, themselves, and the tent into Gen's Ford station wagon. Doug got to drive.

Bryce Canyon trailWe went to Bryce Canyon and Zion. Doug promised a ride through Bryce on Shank's ponies, which thrilled the young horse lovers in our midst no end, but made Margaret and Sue roll their eyes. We meandered over to the Glen Canyon dam (by car), still under construction. Doug knew the country well and had some story about every town we drove through. He could tell you about local industries and historical events. He took special delight in describing anything nefarious that "those horse-thieving Mormons" had done, were now up to, or would ever do.