Susan Lydia

From Blue Earth, Gen accepted a nursing job in Milwaukee. Somewhere along the way, she met a Tall, Dark, Handsome fellow, Alan Ramsay, from Huntington, West Virginia. Gen and Mr. Ramsay put together a pregnancy that produced Susan Lydia. (This must be the "look what it got her" judgment Ohmer made about Gen that caused him to deny higher education to his and Frieda's daughters.)

Baby SusieGen's first daughter--Susie, Sue, Susan--was a pretty and gentle child. She was born in Milwaukee while Dick was (ahem) otherwise occupied in California.

Alan Ramsay was also in Milwaukee at the time, but Gen insists they weren't living together. Both he and Gen left Milwaukee shortly after Susan was born--Gen and Susan for Blue Earth and Alan for parts unknown.

Apparently the parting in Milwaukee wasn't the end of the story. One of Gen's sisters, Jean, remembers accompanying Gen to the bus station in Blue Earth, where Gen spoke with a man who looked exactly like Susie.

Becky, Cindi, SusieWhat Dick thought about this isn't clear. On one hand, Gen says he always treated Susan as though she was his own daughter. On the other hand, his behavior a few years later said otherwise.I wondered sometimes why Susan was olive-complected with dark hair and green eyes, while Becky and I were blue-eyed blondies.

Until the mid 1970s, none of Gen's children--not even Susan herself--knew that Dick is not her father.