The Army Air Corps

SAM, Randolph Field, TexasIn addition to the polio epidemic, World War II was in full progress and military nurses were in high demand. Gen did what any patriotic American woman of the day did. She joined the Army and, after basic training, headed for the School of Aviation Medicine at Randolph Field (now Randolph Air Force Base) near San Antonio, Texas to become a flight nurse.

Hot mamaWhen you're a kid, you never think it's possible your mom was a hottie, but my mom was. Look at that smile. And those legs! This photo was taken at the home of one of Gen's classmates, who lived near Randolph Field.

Gen was already a registered nurse when she joined the Army, so the medical school work came easily to her. She found the flight training exciting and she says she had a good time in Texas. Gen was the tallest member of her class.

Aviation school