In late 1950, Dick's family sent word from Topeka that the Boeing Company was ramping up its post-war modernization of the B-29 and B-50 and production of the B-47 military aircraft. Boeing was hiring in Wichita, and the money was very good.

Dick's sister, Respectable Peggy Fisher, lived in Wichita with her husband and three sons, so Wichita offered ties to the part of Dick's family that wasn't freakin' crazy and drunk all the time. In March 1951, Gen and Dick sold the house in Blue Earth, bought a two-bedroom trailer and a new Ford, and drove to Kansas.

Gen's New Moon trailer house

Shortly after they arrived in Wichita, Gen and Dick traded up to a flashy 40' blue-and-silver New Moon trailer. The owners of the trailer park placed the New Moon out front, near the road, for the upscale look it gave their business. A lot of trailer living was happening in Wichita at the time. Not only was Boeing's huge workforce filling up the cornfields around town, but returning WWII soldiers were settling in to raise families. The trailer was a chic solution to a nationwide housing shortage. The Wichita newspaper featured Gen and Dick in a spread on the topic of mobile living, using the photograph above. Are these people the picture of an optimistic and prosperous post-war America or what!