Bear in mind that I was too young to have an accurate sense of the frequency of Dick's absences. He might have disappeared three or a dozen times while we lived in Wichita. I was only aware of a cycle, which instilled in me the sense that good times do not last and made me a chronic worrier, fraught with anxiety that I battle to this day. Ah, but this story isn't about me, now, is it...

After several weeks or months, something precipitated a nasty fight between Gen and Dick and Dick would leave. The cycle started over. Still, it was the good times that were photographed.

Becky grinned and grew fast. The lawn greened up and we got a dog. Gen's sister, Jean, came to visit Gen while Susie sneaked up on Becky, who grinned.
Becky, growing fast Cindi, Susie, Scamp Susie sneaks up on Becky

Gen signed on as an occupational nurse at Boeing. Then Dick took off again.