About Jerry

It would be unfair to confuse Jerry, a friend of our extended Arlington hippie family, with Other Jerry, a misdirected ne'erdowell with whom Becky lived for a while in 1976, so let's get this out of the way right now. This Jerry was a friend far worthier and true than Other Jerry.

Jerry was part of a group of Northern Virginia hippies who orbited around a Falls Church boutique called Trucker's Stop (formerly Sweet Emma's Fancy Pants Emporium), owned by Don and Fran Pearson. Trucker's Stop was the site of Tush's leather shop, the employer of Jan and Keith and many others. The store served a social drop-out clientele in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. Jerry worked in the pipe shop, which implies what you suspect it does.

Jerry was a 1968 graduate of North Arlington's Yorktown High School. His family lived in a spacious brick split-foyer set on a zoysia lawn in a gentrified North Arlington neighborhood. Jerry was a steadfast friend, in spite of his affliction with emotional turmoil that was mostly benign to everybody but Jerry.

We all loved Jerry. Read on to find out why.