Wolfsville is a Maryland town northwest of Frederick, about halfway to Hagerstown. Jessie and family moved there when Jessie was about four years old. They were cramped in the Church Street apartment, I guess, or maybe the landlord wanted to renovate the place. It was originally equipped with cheesy appointments, which were beginning to fall apart. If you pulled out some of the kitchen drawers too far, they came off their tracks and sent their contents crashing to the floor.

Moving day was on December 25, 1986-something. A snowstorm blew through a day or two before, so the day was sunny and frosty. Becky and Jessie's father, Bob, had everything ready to go, so we loaded up a bunch of cars and caravanned off toward Wolfsville. I guess Bob made some trips in the previous days; nobody went back to Frederick that day.

The view from WolfsvilleThe new house sat up on a rocky hillside by itself, overlooking a little valley below and mountain to the east. From the front porch you could see the energetic stream that clattered through the valley, its banks sprinkled with cattle and farmhouses. The lot was carved out of the corner of a cow pasture; bovines congregated over the fence, about 25 feet from the bedroom windows. The master bedroom had cows on two sides, which made an amusing ambience for that kind of room.

Jessie's new house was a 1970s-era rancher with big rooms--a spacious kitchen with an adjoining dining area. A large living room was adjacent to the kitchen. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms waited down the hall off the living room. Underneath it all was a cavernous basement.