Bless His Soles

Kendell's battered moccasins

11/25/09 - Kendell is a practical guy. If you read his blog, you know that he knows how to find resources and strives to preserve them. He has a favorite pair of moccasins that he's worn since forever.

Kendell told me on the phone last night that a week ago his feet started coming out through the soles--an event of some concern to him as the New Jersey winter sets in.

He said all he needed was some new rubber soles, which he could stitch on himself, but he wasn't sure where to get them. It would be tacky, he thought, to ask for them at a shoe repair shop, then sneak off and not pay the cobbler for a complete repair.

He mulled the matter over for a while, thinking about where he could find the right kind of material. Eureka! MOUSE PADS! He ran out to his shed and rummaged around and found two mouse pads, cut them to shape and size, and sewed them on. He's so pleased. I would be too. Here's the raw material:

Right foot

Left footRight fooot



Left foot