A Coat of Many Colors

12/23/09 - I mentioned earlier that Kendell crochets, but this isn't your granny's crochet. Kendell has an art form going here. He made this colorful jacket and gave it to me as a gift of friendship.

I'm delighted, amazed, tickled pink, thrilled, and grateful. What a guy!

Crochet jacket Crochet jacket crochet jacket

This wearable art is colorful and playful, like Kendell himself. It's decorated with silver, glass, and gemstone beads. The jacket weighs about seven pounds and conveys a weighty comfort, like heavy blankets on a cold night. Click to the next page for images of the details.

Jacket front detailNot only does the jacket have dozens of different crochet sitches, but Kendell also sewed on gemstone beads of lapis lazuli, flourite, and green chalk tourquoise. The buttons are glass lampwork beads; each bears a tiny three-dimensional flower.</p>