Two Hills Beyond Jesus

Jesus sign on US 1808/31/09 - As you drive along the US highway through Silver City, New Mexico, you used to see this sign (a spring windstorm blew it apart a couple of years ago and the nearby church hasn't replaced it). We drive over two hills after we pass where the sign used to be to get to the road to our house. I never aspired to live two hills beyond Jesus but now that I'm here, it suits me. Ted and I were moving in to our New Mexico house during Kendell's 2009 tour from Chicago to L.A. We had just enough time before he arrived on a Friday evening to unpack and arrange so that the house was relatively comfortable. Kendell was gracious about the remaining disorder and the lack of a refrigerator.

Cowboy's fried eggNext day we poked around downtown and ran errands. On the drive back up the mountain toward home, Kendell noticed the white flowers that bloom on tall stems all summer down by the old XYZ Ranch house compound. To me, the flowers look like poppies, so I told Kendell that's what they are, as though I know what I'm talking about.

Well, look at it. Doesn't that look like a poppy to you?

Kendell said he wanted to take a plant back home with him for his New Jersey garden. I was dubious about its ability to survive both the trip back east and the humid climate there. Still, the plant grows profusely here and really is very pretty, so what the heck. Kendell said we should go to the hardware store the next day to buy a trowel, then dig up a plant on the way back.

Again, I was dubious. A trowel probably wouldn't be the only thing we'd need to dig up a plant in this rocky dry soil. I considered dynamite, but settled on a shovel (in addition to Kendell's soon-to-be-acquired trowel).