Conjoined Cukes

Conjoined twins11/23/09 - Rare conjoined cucumbers were recently discovered in a South Dakota garden. The twins appear to be healthy and to have suffered no ill effects from their late harvest, several frost events beyond the first freeze that marks the end of the gardening season and the beginning of the severe upper mid-western winter.

Tests were undertaken in the nearby Pidge-Mayo Surgical Kitchen to determine their ability to withstand separation surgery. While conjoined cukes rarely share major organs, the lengthy attachment of these two cautions that separation would produce major insult to the skin. The risk of contamination with garden soil concerned the surgical team.

Separated twinsA Pidge-Mayo spokesperson announced that the team found the twins suitable candidates for separation. The surgery was conducted successfully with "the expectation of a normal outcome."

"Normal outcome" is believed to mean "delicious with balsamic vinegar."