Ted trawls for catsTed's ideal cat toy is a fishing rod and reel, with 10lb test line attached to just about anything and weighted to ensure a smooth cast that goes the necessary distance. Here we see him in the act of extreme noodling through one of the holes in the magic box, which has captured the attention of Ferby. Nezumi approaches from the kitchen.

Ted made a special trip down to WalMart yesterday to purchase the cheapest rod and reel they sell. He was reluctant to spend money on the 10lb. test line, so he reeled up heavy-duty button thread from my mom's treasure chest of sewing notions, as well as ancient swivels that his father left him. Ferby is fascinated by a red stuffed mouse that has whiskers (but no eyes), a yellow tail, and looks like a cherry bomb.

Ted's been perfecting the system over the last couple of days, adding rubber hose gaskets for weight and exchanging them for smaller metal washers, trying out various combinations of swivels, and attaching different lures--feathers, yarn, crumpled paper. He's having a ball. As my mom said of Ted, "He will forever be a boy."