I like to work with beads. My friend Alicia inspired me to do it with the beautiful pieces she taught herself to create. I like it because it's beautiful, durable, colorful, detail intensive, and versatile. I don't keep much of what I make. I don't sell it either. The stuff takes so much time to make that few people would want to pay for the hours involved. Also, if you sell the work, you get into accepting commissions and deadlines and expectations. That would take all the love out of it for me. So I give it away. I don't remember most of the stuff I've done and it surprises me when somebody shows it to me and says "see what you did?"

I especially like to work with tiny beads, seed beads that require 15 beads or more to make a linear inch. Small beads are like screen resolution--the more beads you can squeeze into a space, the clearer the resulting image is. So the tiny ones really float my boat.

Becky has been nagging me to put up images of my work. I didn't start photographing it until recently. If you have some of my beadwork you don't see it here, but would like to, send me a photograph and I'll post it.

I've also posted photos of Alicia's stunning work.

Chenega Tribe logoBecky works for the Chenega Corporation, an enterprise that belongs to Alaskan Native Americans of the Chenega Tribe. I made this piece for one of her friends at corporate headquarters in Anchorage, using an image of the tribe's logo. The piece measures about 6"x4" and uses #15 (15 beads to the linear inch) Miyuki Delica beads.

chenegacorplogoThe Chenega Corporation logo intricately represents the Chenega culture, livelihood, and the village of Chenega, Alaska.

(Click here for a description of the logo's interesting symbolism.)