Skunk tracks11/20/10 - Last night, before the snow started, Ted called me out to the front walkway. "What do you think these are?" he asked, pointing to a set of cat-paw-sized tracks on the concrete. The tracks had toes that were too long for cats. They also had five toes. While cats have five toes, one toe is more like a thumb and rides too high on their legs to leave a muddy print. "I dunno," I replied. "Raccoons?"

Ted observed that everybody says there aren't any raccoons around here and in fact, we've never seen any. We have seen a big fat silky cat-like fellow who undulated across our patio a couple of times before the cold weather set in. "Skunk," I decided.

We confirmed our suspicions from one of the web sites out there in cyberland that gives respectable guidance about this sort of thing. This morning the tracks on the front walk were covered with snow, but it looked like the critter (or critters?) had taken refuge on the yoga deck during the storm. Muddy tracks up to the door mat and the door, over the table out there, onto the chair, and up to the window, where he probably came face-to-face with Ginger, who keeps watch through the night on the wide sill.

Skunk tracks Skunk tracks