Zumi a few weeks later11/28/12 - The new kitten, Nezumi, has calmed down a lot since we brought him home from the shelter several weeks ago. He's not so needy and under foot as he was. After a slow start, he's growing and he's adapted to our environment quite admirably. Zumi's Siamese personality, however, is driving us crazy. He wants to play vigorously all evening and throughout the night. If he doesn't get his way, he climbs the curtains and paws at the tapestry over a chair in the bedroom and another tapestry over the sofa. Little stinker.

Although Zumi and Obie get along fine and play together, Obie's old and not much interested in keeping up with Zumi's infinite energy. Time to get him a playmate more his own age.

Ferby's broken whiskersSo this evening we picked up Ferby from the shelter. We chose him yesterday when he yelled at us to come over and say hello, and after we did, rubbed his face back and forth on the bars of his cage. We could see he did that a lot. His whiskers are broken and stubby.

He looks like Bob, long and tubular, short glossy black hair, which probably influenced our choice. Ferby's a tuxedo cat. I've wanted one ever since Becky's tux "Squeak" comandeered me the first time I met him and spends every second with me whenever I visit. I like Squeak a lot. So we had a couple of good reasons to choose Ferby.

Futon Ferby

Ferb looks like a fully grown cat, but he's just eight months old. In keeping with shelter policy, he was neutered the day we picked him up. Ferby put up an unabating holler on the drive home--strident meows with an endnote a breathy grunt. He was disoriented and panicky when we brought him in the house and headed for the dark recesses under the futon in my office. We left him to his own devices for a couple of hours.