Ferby's mouse before1/1/13 - We've been finding little shreds of red fluff stuck here and there around the great room. It comes from one of Ferby's toy mice, which used to look like this ----->

This mouse is different from the cherry bomb mouse described on the previous page. That one is currently tied to the end of Ted's catfish pole. This mouse is of a type coveted by cats and kittens all over America. Pet accessory suppliers package them by the dozen and cat people buy them by the case. We have several others.

Since Ferb's cherry bomb mouse isn't available for independent play (something he's very good at), he's taken up with this new mouse. He abuses it for 10 minutes out of every hour. He invents games with it: carries it around, bats it into the secret floor space under the curtains then digs it out, slams it into and out of his box, throws it into the air, stuffs it into a fold on a disheveled rug--the usual cat antics.

Ferby's mouse afterFerby's beating the fur off this luckless creature. It isn't quite on life support, but it won't be long.

1/13/13 Ferby tears up the house so much during the day that you'd think he'd be sufficiently exhausted to sleep all night, but alas, no. He clatters around the bedroom and bangs on the windows and pulls stuff off the window sills and dresser tops to the extent that he's banned from the bedroom after 9:00 p.m.

In or out of the bedroom, Ferby is busy during the long night. When we amble out in the morning, the first job is to restore order to the greatroom. Once we found the piano playing itself. Ferby jumped up on the keyboard, hit the power switch, then stepped on the "Demo" button. Must have startled him. Usually the mess consists of pillows from the sofa and chairs scattered over the floor. Rugs are bunched up against the doors. Shreds of paper napkins have been tossed all over the kitchen. The cloth on the dining room table is bunched up and wrinkled, lumped into a chair, or lying on the floor. There's water on the kitchen floor from the cats' water dish, now up-side-down and eight feet from where it belongs.

Ferby's drowned mouseThis morning brought two new acts of vandalism. A little Canadian flag that hangs near the ceiling over a window was on the floor. Ferby had to leap into the windowsill and stretch way up to snag the flag. The balding cherry mouse was floating in the water dish. Looks like a tattered goldfish.

A few hours later I found the mouse in the kitchen prep sink. Ted says he didn't put it there and I know I didn't, so Ferby must have. I tossed it onto the kitchen floor, splat! It's now resting in a sunny patch on the greenhouse floor this afternoon. Ferby's sleeping in another sunny patch on the love seat.