Kitten sinkTed said I could keep them, but the dog disagreed and badgered them jealously. One of the cats went back up the road in terror, but one stayed in spite of, and unfazed by, the dog. We named the cat Ginger.

Ginger was affectionate and calm. His favorite place to sleep was on my lap, but I never sit still long enough to make it worth his while. He found other places.

He found places more secret than the obligatory bathroom sink, but he left traces and didn't fool us.

Ginger's paw Ginger's ass Ginger's back legs Ginger's other paw

12/3/09 - Friends and relatives of a certain age who were living in Arlington, VA at a certain time might remember a book that floated around the bicycle hippie community for a while. It was full of puns and witty pen-and-ink drawings, among which was a rear view of someone named Beulah Ashta (a joke within a joke, there). She had hair sticking out from her shoulders, raucous pants, and her butt oozed over the sides of her bicycle saddle.

We now have a cat who evokes fond Beulah Ashta memories as he lounges on the sawhorses where I re-cane chair seats.

Ginger Beulah Ashta  Ginger Beulah Ashta