Ginger and friend12/11/09 - Ginger and a friend gaze out on Arenas Valley from the patio's south sunshine. The morning is too chilly to plant one's rear end on the concrete.

1/24/10 - Below we have another example of Ginger's ability to leave parts of himself sticking out, captured while we were living at Joe & Laurie's last summer when the house was still under construction.

The ban on nights outside wasn't sitting well with Ginger, who learned he could rip up the screen. Eventually he enlarged the hole so much that he squeezed right out, like toothpaste from a tube.

Ted then installed hardware cloth over the hole, which produced fierce feline pouting. Ginger tore up three screens, which we replaced when we moved out. Thanks, Ginger. You're a pal!

Once Ted called me into Laurie's dining room, which had windows with a view of the bedroom windowsill where Ginger hung out. Sitting outside, below the window and staring up at Ginger's protruding tail was a Canadian lynx. Not a bobcat. An honest-to-god Canadian lynx with glorious tufted ears, long legs, and a longish tail. The big cat turned slowly and gazed at us momentarily, breathlessly watching. Then it turned and walked slowly away. We have never seen another one.

Through the screen