Meet Nezumi9/25/12 - This charming fellow is Nezumi. His name is a Japanese word for "mouse." He is so-named for the obvious reason of his mouse-colored fur. We call him "Zumi" for short because he zooms around every waking minute. He is six months old and the perfect antidote for our aching hearts following Bob's disappearance and presumed demise.

Ted chose Zumi on Tuesday from a host of fine cats and kittens housed at the High Desert Humane Society's animal shelter on the south edge of Silver City. We picked up the cat today, freshly fixed and groggy from the surgery. He didn't make a sound for the whole trip home.

He hasn't made much noise since then either, but only because he has a little tiny voice. First cat I've ever had who whispers.

Poodle ZumiZumi's claims to fame are these: He seems to have inherited two Siamese breeding defects, 1) a cross-eyed expression when he's especially excited and 2) a kink in his tail. He came to us with something a little more insidious, as shelter cats often do. He has a patch of ringworm that girdles his tail, right where the kink is. The site was shaved and debrided by the vet.

We treat the patch thrice daily with a substance intended for that purpose. The veterinarian assures us that the condition will clear up in a month or so and the hair will grow back. Meanwhile, this kitty looks like he's been seen to by a misguided dog groomer.

10/10/12 - It's been a long time since we had a kitten. Thirteen years, in fact, when we found Bob and his two sisters in the marsh grass at Forest Landing, Virginia where somebody foolishly abandoned them. They were confused and had wet bellies and feet. They spent their first summer chasing one another and wearing a track in the dirt around the daylilies. They were such fun.