Cat on a polka dot10/10/11 - Ted maintains that if you painted a big polka dot on the floor, a cat would come along and sit on it simply because it's a defined space.

Obie in a defined spaceIn Obie's case, it's definitely true.







12/5/11 - The weather is cold and snowy again today. Our house is a little sad in extended periods of clouds. It needs the sun it was designed to harvest. The heat pumps keep up with the chill just fine, but the grey outside has a psychological effect that makes us pile on layers of hoodies. The cats love the patches of blazing sun through the south windows. They get unhappy when they can't find one and seek alternatives. When I took the lazy route and didn't put away my favorite sweater this morning, I figured somebody would come along and take advantage of it.

Black velvet Obie on a wool sweater

Obie looks pretty on that sweater.