2/15/13 -Life has changed. Pfffft! Surely I can do better to initiate this account of recent developments. I'll try again. Since every journey begins with the first step--criminy. It's getting worse.It was a dark and stormy night. . . oh, wait. No it wasn't, but my office sure looks like a tornado blew through.

Puppy explosionPuppy sleeps in the messA couple of weeks after Ted cleaned up this mess (yay Ted!), it was replaced by another mess that looked like a newspaper exploded. The latest mess endures because Ted hasn't cleaned it up and I'm too busy dealing with the messmaker, who will just create a new one right away, so why bother? Clearly, the mess doesn't bother its originator.

This happens because R.T., whom you might have met a recent Living Backward post, raids the trashcan under the desk and has at the contents. It could be worse. He's raiding stuff I'm recycling anyway. At least it's not my underwear drawer. The plastic file pocket is a smidgen too big for my file drawers, so I carve it up whenever I need a piece of stiff plastic. If he wants to shove it around the floor, it's ok with me.

It's been continuous chaos since this guy came to live with us. He's a puppy. You don't get puppies to provide company and comfort because that's not what they do. They tear things up, require constant vigilance, terrorize cats, require the consistent teaching of boundaries, and must receive stern corrections when they exceed those boundaries. We've had R.T. for three weeks today. I'm exhausted.

I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. This dog is a wonderful fellow. He learns quickly from the tingle of an (ahem) training collar and transfers the lessons to other situations. He learned that cats are MEAN and are capable of stinging him through a window if he gets too excited about them. He decided that if cats are capable of inflicting serious pain, then horses must be worse. It took about five days (of decreasing frequency) to get R.T. to leave the cats alone. He's also stopped chasing the horses and avoids them completely. Never had to clarify that with the training collar once he figured it out about the cats. Let there be peace in the pasture.