The Cattle

9/4/09 - Cattle? Not what you think. It's a cage for our cats so they can go outside in the evening without assault and battery by New Mexico's peregrinating critters. Since it's for cats, we can't rightfully call it a kennel. Felinel sounds as stupid as calling it a cattle, but at least calling it a cattle is funny. Well, I think so anyway.

The cage has been under consideration ever since we lost one of our cats to coyotes. The cats have not taken kindly to being kept off the streets at night. We're relieved and eager to get to work on this addition to the house.

CattleFrame01It is being built on the east side of the house, adjacent to the garage, and connected thereto by a tunnel through which the kitties will enter by way of a door in the garage wall. We've finished the frame, built from scrap left over from construction of the house.

It will have wire fencing around all six sides, a high shelf inside for perching, a sand-filled bottom for rolling, and a door in one end for human access. The litter box will remain in the garage and we'll see how that goes. The sand in the cage might end up being more attractive to the guys.

CattleFinished019/8/09 - Along about dark tonight, we finished the night cage so we can throw the cats outside and and sleep in peace. There it is, complete with a tunnel into the garage, a shelf for perching, five wheelbarrows of soft clean dirt on the floor, and $93 worth of welded fence wire.

Even though you can buy these things professionally made to order, we're very proud of this contraption, which we built our very own selves, mostly out of construction scrap, except for the screws and staples that hold it together and the fence wire that keeps the coyotes out. Even the dirt is fill left over from the trench for the power line.

The tunnel lets the cage stand about 3' from the garage wall so we can get behind it if we ever need to. The whole thing looks like a chicken coop. I think I'll make a sign to hang over the door that says "Gitmo."

Right now the cats are busy ignoring it. We'll see if they decide it's as cool as Ted and I think it is.