pedometer4/27/10 - On days when I drive to town, I'm surprised to see how many steps I've racked up on my pedometer by the time I get home. You wouldn't think walking around the supermarket would deliver this kind of quantity. Wal-Mart, maybe, but Albertsons?

Albertsons in Silver City isn't like one of those Super Giant food stores back east where the size of the place and the magnitude of merchandise gives you culture shock. It's a nice store, but it's just your average supermarket, except for the seafood department--an alien presence in the high desert; it reeks like something that definitely shouldn't be here. If it must be here, it should be out at the landfill. P. U!

Anyway, I made two trips to town this morning--one to take Ginger in for his monthly allergy shot and another to run to the supermarket for groceries and Silver Heights Nursery for a couple of plants and a bag of compost.

Driving back from the vet's office, with the uncomplaining Ginger tucked safely into a crate in the back seat, I noticed a cyclist up ahead in the right lane. He was checking over his shoulder for traffic behind him and, realizing a safe interval, veered smartly to the left to make the turn onto the 32nd Street bypass.

He was not your average too-many-DUI-infractions construction worker pedaling with his arches after his driver's license was revoked. This was somebody who obviously spends lots of time on a bicycle. Outfitted in spandex. Helmet so streamlined one probably needs velcro gloves to keep it from slipping away when it's not strapped on. Bicycle so light and maneuverable it seemed to float through the turn.

Coming down the hill on the other side of the road me beyond the intersection was a pack of three other cyclists. Same story. Skinny guys in shiny duds on fast bikes, legs moving like pistons, a snappy cycling style that tells of absolute mastery. Who ARE these guys?