Ogden City pumper truckThere's also the matter of cognitive difficulty, which (if I remember correctly) began as I was exiting Metro on my way to work one morning. I entertained myself now and then by performing simple calculations in my head. On this particular morning, I found myself unable to compute a 10% tip. I attributed this alarming development to aging, but maybe it's because of the bang on the head I received when the car my mother was driving (and in which I was riding in the front passenger seat) was T-boned on the passenger side by a pumper unit from the Ogden City Fire Department. I spent a couple of days in intensive care over that one.

Cracked helmet liningOr maybe it's the time my bicycle slid out from under me on gravel and cracked the lining of my helmet, or the other time my bicycle slid out from under me on wet pavement and filled my helmet with blood from a laceration over my left eye. Maybe it's from the time a dog ran into my front wheel and downed us both. When I woke up from that one, I embarrassed myself by asking the trite question, "Where am I?" It might be from last October when Thunder took a lateral lurch and tossed me off. I hit the ground on that one hard enough to coldcock me even though I was wearing a helmet. It might even be the most recent event when a tree branch dragged me out of the saddle and plunked me onto the ground so hard that I felt my head snap in my helmet. I didn't lose consciousness on that one, but I was dizzy and I staggered for a minute as I retrieved Thunder.

Maybe it's the cumulative effect of all these TBIs that's making me crazy and demented. Oh well. What's done is done. I just have to make the most of what remains and keep wearing a helmet.

12/16/12 - This post is hard to write. I hope my audience (all two of you!) doesn't misunderstand the words that follow, which relate to another ghastly event borne of the inability to relate to others. This morning I read comments about the personality of Adam Lanza, who committed incomprehensible acts in a Connecticut elementary school a few days ago. His acquaintances speak of a bright, socially awkward, weird, silent boy who could not connect with other kids. Their words made my throat constrict as I read them.