Wildflowers get started9/22/09 - Right after the plumber finished at our New Mexico place in August 2009, I threw a mix of wildflower seeds out over the dripline field. The seeds sprouted after a week or so, just like they're supposed to. I watered the plot with a sprinkler to get the plants established.

They popped up to 2-3 inches and stopped. No further growth, no blossoms. August is rather late to start a wildflower meadow, so this is about what I expected.

California bluebellsYesterday I visited the bed and saw these California bluebells soaking up the afternoon sun. It's not much, but it's gratifying to me.

The southwestern wildflower mix came from Wildseed Farms, whose seeds I used in my wildflower meadow in Virginia and which always delivered good results.

I'm not sure what will survive the winter. Everything in the mix is an annual except for California poppies and there's not much time left for the plants to bloom and reseed before frost comes to New Mexico next month.

The seed is cheap, though, and come spring I can just buy more, scatter it out there, and scratch it in.