10/5/09 - I've resolved the dilemma of the too-high headboard. Whenever I do something like this, I can't decide if the result is art or abomination. I figure I can't trust my own judgment, so I leave it to yours.

Piano panel headboard, expandedI went to Wal-Mart in search of gold-and-red brocade fabric, the better to make a drape of some sort to hang behind the piano panel, my dear.

Wal-Mart didn't have any fabric that matched the picture in my head, but they did have some fake tooled leather. I bought a yard-and-a-half.

The next day I broke out my mom's Bernina and hemmed the fabric. That's a big deal.

I don't care much for sewing and I'm not very good at it, but the Bernina is a wonderful machine. Someday I might try something a little more challenging than machine hemming a big rectangle of fake leather.

I cut a large rectangle in the upper middle of the fabric so it could fit over the French cleat that holds the piano panel to the wall.

Ted built the rod by piecing together two 1-1/4" dowels. I found some great red glass drawer pulls to use for finials and dug out some red and gold tassels from my Christmas tree decorations. The rod rests on two screws that are drilled part-way into the masonry.

There you have it. (The cat is Obie. Say hello, Obie.)

In the vortex10/7/09 - The alcove that is our front porch has a vortex. The wind blows down from the mountains into the alcove, squeaks at the front door (mewing like our cat, Ginger), then swirls around in the southwest corner before it heads back out to try one of the windows. Before it comes in, it picks up a load of whatever is nearby and dumps it in the corner on the way out.

A lot of what it dumps is styrofoam beads. Our house looks like adobe, but it isn't really. It's stucco sprayed over styrofoam.