Laundry bins, nearly finishedLaundry bins, completed12/15/09 - I should have taken these photos before we moved the laundry bin cabinet into the closet. Can't get a good picture when I can't get far enough away from it.

Anyway, what you see at the left (in addition to the ubiquitous Ginger) is the cabinet bolted to the wall, awaiting installation of the doors.

There are four compartments. The two on the top hold whites and delicates. The one in the middle holds colors, and the one on the bottom holds darks.

The finished cabinet is shown at right. The door on the top cabinet opens from the bottom because the bins are too tall for practical opening from the top. When the door is opened, the laundry will spill out onto the floor, where presumably a laundry basket will be waiting to catch most of it.

The other two bins open from the top. The bottom door will rest flat on the floor. The laundry will spill out and get scooped up into a basket. The middle door drops to rest against the bottom door and the laundry will spill out into the basket.

We'll toss the laundry over the top of the door into the appropriate bin. No more sorting laundry!