Christmas tree, 200912/18/09 - Our Christmas tree, topped by Moroni's sister, looks a whole bunch better once it is properly bedecked with boughs of holly, fa la la la la. Still leans to the right a little, though.

It took five days of Christmas to get the lights on. The first two days, I couldn't remember how to do it the way I like it done, so I kept ripping the lights out. I spent the third day diagnosing problems with the lights and had to toss out two strings that I couldn't make work.

The fourth day of Christmas I turned up two strings short. Ted and I went to Wal-Mart to buy some new ones. He talked me out of getting two strings. "Surely you don't need 200 bulbs just to cover the top third of the tree!" he groused. So I only bought one string.

The fifth day I returned to Wal-Mart to get another string of lights because I was still one short. Never change an answer on a test. Never accept Ted's minimalist appraisal of a domestic situation.

I should never listen to Ted when he grouses. In fact, why would I consider his opinion about this at all? He says this tree has too many ornaments and lights on it. What does he know! All you have to do is look at it and see how many spaces are empty of ornaments. My rule-of-thumb is that if you can see the branches, then you don't have enough ornaments.

12/30/09 - "Git the chickens off the table, Ma! Company's comin'!" That's a quip Ted's mother used to rattle off when the occasion called for it. So today calls for a response to Thursday's occasion, which is a gathering of neighbors for New Year's Eve. I don't have chickens on the table, but there's probably a cat or two who warrants shooing off.

This isn't a New Year's Eve bash we're having. Rather, it's an event for people who don't much like going out at night and who want to be home in time for bed; people who have seen enough new years come and go that we know what it's all about and we don't really need to see another one. We'll start at 5:00 p.m. and be done by 8:00 p.m. You wanna stay up past midnight? Go home and do it there. We want to be in bed by 10:00, like always, then doze off to the evening newscast from Albuquerque.