Ted sleeps through the advent of the New Year1/1/10 - Our New Year's gathering of neighbors came off quietly, pleasantly, and ended early. Here's Ted at 9:30 p.m. Comfy, eh? Within five minutes after the last guest left, the cats came out from wherever they were hiding and resumed their normal indulgences in (to me) trivial stuff that's terribly important (to them).

Nobody drank too much. Everybody ate something, but--there was plenty of food left over--Ted says I always prepare too much. Today we went hiking with Joe and Laurie, who seemed to have suffered no ill effects. I guess it was a good party.

1/28/10 - TV weather has been yelling all week about another storm driving in from the west coast. It was expected to bring rain and snow to southwestern New Mexico by Tuesday. It didn't arrive on schedule, but it did arrive--rain last night and snow today. My friend, Carol, sent me a bread recipe. I figured I'd give it a try since I wouldn't be going hiking. Made a grocery list and went to the supermarket on Monday, figuring it might be my last chance for a couple of days.

Our precipitous dirt road down to the highway gets slippery in wet weather, not particularly from snow and ice, but from clay-based mud. The trip is do-able if one is careful, but why tempt fate? So once the snow starts, we go out only at the crack of dawn, when the mud is still frozen.

Voting for yeastI took to the kitchen this morning and discovered I have no yeast. Was it on Monday's list? Yes it was. Did I visit the baking aisle at Albertsons? Yes I did. Did I see yeast there? Certainly did. Did I pick up yeast? No.

And why not? Because I didn't have a pen!

Ted snickers at me that I have to cross things off my list as I go. "Why not just look in your basket if you're not sure you have something?" he suggests. Oh really? What if you don't think to wonder whether you have something or not? A list of uncrossed-off items confuses me. Crossing stuff off shows me that I have addressed the matter and I don't have to figure it out or even think about it anymore.

The irony is that the yeast was the only ingredient I didn't already have on hand.