If you seek the weird, interesting, and funny, dreams provide abundant fodder.

Rodeo Sport

Ted and I are poking around the deserted rodeo grounds in Silver City. We come across a giant billboard set up at one end of the arena. is covered with Velcro, the sticky side.

Some cowboys show up, riding broncos and bulls. The animals walk calmly until they get in front of the billboard, then they start bucking. The cowboys get launched onto the billboard and stick there. Some of the cowboys start crawling around on the billboard like bugs.

Eventually the billboard fills up with cowboys and somebody comes out with a firehose and sprays them away.


I have various forms of a recurring dream that my teeth are cracking and breaking and I'm spitting them out. A dental hygienist (in the awake world) observed that I grind my teeth and recommended I get fitted with a bite guard. I did, and the dreams stopped for many years.

They have started up again and I'm grinding so hard that my lower front biters ache, especially on the left side. I wish I could have a dream that my jaw and face are relaxed.

Impossible Shoes

badshoes02I am an attendant at somebody's wedding. We are assembling at a hotel prior to the ceremony. I'm wearing a lovely grey satin gown and a pair of impossible shoes. I keep getting separated from the wedding party and have to run after them repeatedly. I must climb a staircase, but after hours of chasing around, the shoes make this a dreadful proposition.

There's an elevator behind me, but it's only a 3' high box dangling from a cable draped over the stair railing. Somebody's already in it anyway and I don't see how I'm going to fit. A cat rescues me from the dilemma by stomping across my bladder and waking me up.