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Mahmoud hitches up his jeans11/26/09 - Of all the world's pissed-off nations having the emotional maturity of two-year-olds, The Islamic Republic (a.k.a. Iran) has the biggest chip on its shoulder.

The dorkiest of goofball politicians in that part of the world, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, would give me cause for a daily laughter-induced asthma attack if he weren't the puppet leader in a dark theocracy of disturbing rhetoric.

The foreign ministry of Norway claimed today that Iran has confiscated the medal of a Nobel laureate, Shirin Ebadi, although Teheran denied the charge. The fact that I believe Norway and I don't believe anything stated by the Iranian authorities is telling of many things--my own biases, naturally, but also my experience that clueless hotheads often lack credibility.

Iran doesn't deny tangential reports--maybe because they're a source of pride?--that the government beat up Dr. Ebadi's husband, threatened her extended family, and froze her financial assets. Brutal dictatorships seem to be long on stupidity, but short on longevity. They survive a couple of generations, but eventually they all fall apart, either by virtue of outside agitators or by their own intrinsic rot. So what's the point in repression? Short-term gain? Big deal. You'd think if you were interested in power, you'd want it for the long-haul.

Iran also has that nuclear power thing going, which has a lot of us spooked. Our own Yucca Mountain adventure isn't going online any time soon, if ever. Some environmental concerns, formerly opposed to nuclear-generated electricity, are beginning to cave under the weight of two evils--climate change vs. nuclear waste disposal--and eyeballing the possibility that nuclear power with its purported low carbon emissions is the lesser.

I guess if it comes down to nuclear power or climatic catastrophe, I too would have to take the short-range view and go with nuclear power. Then, if Iran wants to refine uranium, let 'em do it, but only on the condition that they accept the world's nuclear waste. Why not? There's at least as much in the way of geologically unstable desert in Iran as in Nevada for storage of spent nuclear fuel, but I don't live next door to Iran. Anyway, Iran doesn't seem to have all that much regard for the well-being of its neighbors and its own people.