I used to have a sense of style. I spent money on clothes and shoes and home furnishings. I put outfits and rooms together in colorful and imaginative ways. It was fun. Things looked good--at least I think they did. Nobody ever told me otherwise, but maybe everybody was just being polite.

Now I'm not very stylish. Instead, I want to be comfortable.

I can't imagine that fashion designers, interior decorators, and the commercial artists who engineer catalog layouts intend to deliver comedy, but a lot of that which passes for style is frankly hilarious.


Stupid Hat Trick

Wastebasket hat4/14/10 - J. Jill, purveyor of clothing unstructured, wants you to complete your ensemble with this woven hatbasket--the perfect disguise for a bad hair day.

It also tells the world what you'd like to do with your bed head.