The Great Outdoors

Catalogs that sell outdoor gear are a splendid source of entertainment.

Tail jacket8/31/10 - Cabellas is offering this stylish jacket, perfect for fall bird hunting. Option 1, jacket with liner, keeps a hunter toasty on those cold dawns in the duck blind.

Looks like Option 1 has a rear trapdoor through the jacket and liner to accommodate the wearer's tail.

Gillie suit for HalloweenThe Sportsman's Guide has ripped off my idea to employ a gillie suit for the purpose of scaring the tar out of smartypants teenagers at Halloween. They went me one better, though, by accessorizing the look with shades and giant bear foot slippers. Wish I'd thought of that.



9/9/11 - I bet hiking's not too comfortable in L.L. Bean's thong backpack.