World Reform

by Mrs. Alta B. Webber, Citrus Heights CA, 1985

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I have a hunch that Mrs. W's three delightful sons had her locked up shortly after she wrote this treatise. Certainly they must have indulged in considerable eye-rolling, or at least hand-wringing. She provided the following cover letter for her treatise, which begins on page 2.

May 14, 1985


1201-16th Street

North West Washington D. C.20036

Dear Sirs;

As the result of the failure of our departments of education to educatate pupils culturally, with purity and refinement, as also educationally, it is well time for a change to become made for the purpose of removing all which tends to produce disruption of character and morality.

For more than half a century hundreds of renditions have been forwarded to departments of education, theology, and therapeutics, for the purpose of encourageing a higher morality, though our civilizations continue to grow worse and worse.

Such decline with our civilizations is resultant from lack of education. These which have gone all out for sports and athletics, compeuter machines, fail to be educating our young people

Let us return to the days when teachers of our schools became taught how to instruct children of various ages.

The papers enclosed should bbecome published into a book, and read by

everyone., not only EDUCATORS, but also all who may be interested in producing

a higher quality of learning, than that being promolgated today!.

Kindly understand, we are required to remove all of Catholic faith

from our departments of learning, since these fail to understand the

requirement of Godliness, purity, and holiness for all people.

Mrs. Alta B. Webber