2/10/10 - It's an el Niño year. Unless you live in Buffalo, where they are resigned to chronic snow, this is a bad winter. Every week in southwestern New Mexico, we get a couple of inches of snow that melts off within 24 hours and leaves the road to the highway wet, muddy, and slippery as axel grease. My cousin Pidge is considering a move to Wichita to get away from the South Dakota ice and snow she has to scrape from her shed roofs to keep the structures from collapsing. Vickie's grumpy about shoveling snow only to plow through another load the next day so she can feed her horses. Carol's enjoying the exquisite silence of another snow day in Northern Virginia when the government workers are hunkered down at home, after having cleaned out the supermarkets. Paul keeps a path cleared to Fort Carhole. Iowa Aunt Jean says spring must be coming because lately she can see the heads of deer as they push through snow five feet deep. Becky's so busy shoveling snow that she doesn't have time to text me. Blue Earth Joyce summed it up for everybody with this photo, captioned Even the snowman is sick of winter: