2/22/10 - Becky says it's raining in Middletown MD today. I can't figure if that's good news or bad. Rain means the temperature is warming up, which leads to melting snow, which leads to runoff, which leads to ice if it gets cold tonight, or mud and flooding if it doesn't. Any way you look at it, this is a bad winter. Becky sends these photos. I suppose they're hard to look at right now, so come back in July when you might be able to appreciate the view.

Digging out in MarylandHere's why Washington DC always closes down after a winter nor'easter. Nobody goes anywhere till they dig out their cars and the plows dig out the road.

In Becky's townhouse development, sure, you can dig your car out, but what can you do with the snow? You can't pile it up in the street, so you have to haul it to the open space, off camera to the right.

That's after you dig a path to the car...



Robert, waist deep, in pajamasRobert's still recovering from surgery last month and he's not supposed to be shoveling snow, which is why he's trying to get rid of it by throwing snowballs.








Lotsa snow on the roofBecky thought it would be a good idea to shovel the snow from the porch of her Victorian townhouse.

She climbed out through one of the upstairs windows. Must have been interesting to get the window open without setting off an avalanche into the bedroom. Must have been even more interesting to climb out there.

At least gravity made it relatively easy to dump the snow; she didn't have to carry it off. The problem was that a lot of it went onto the sidewalk, which Robert had already cleared and had to clear again.