6/5/10 - Silver City is one of New Mexico's milder places--not too cold, not too hot, except for today when the temperature reached 94.5°F out on the south side of the house. Windy, too. Hot, dry, wind mostly, but blowing occasional cool fingers so that sitting out there in the shade under the patio roof is fine, just fine.

Temperatures forecast for June 5, 2010The sun's melting away over the mountains to the west and the temperature is dropping now that it's early evening. It's a quite tolerable 86.9°F out there at the moment. It might have been toasty today, and it's forecast to be toasty tomorrow as well, but not like the same temperature would be on the east coast and not like it is elsewhere along the international border.

The forecast calls for even warmer temps tomorrow--102°F in Silver City, 107°F in Las Cruces and El Paso. Guess I'll stay up here in the mountains and be sure to wear my battered straw Stetson when I venture outside.

Zoftig monsoon clouds formed over the slopes to the north this afternoon, promising rain but not delivering it, in spite of the monstrous thunderhead that followed them. The cloud slipped over our house without a rumble or even any wind.