A Final Trip

The Lottsburg Cafe5/19/09 - We got up early on our last day in the House That Ted Built. Had breakfast at the Lottsburg Cafe, an unlikely establishment located in the same building as Baughns Tire and Automotive. It smells like tires, but it's the only show in town.

Living room, beforeThe movers arrived at our house around 9 a.m. The living room looked like this.

We thought we were finished packing, but of course we weren't. It took us until 3:30 to get our part done, then we remembered the refrigerator. A wholesale dumping of half-used jars of god-knows-what into the compost heap ensured, followed by another trip to dump the trash (for a total of three trips in three days). THEN we were finished.

Living room, afterThe movers, a guy named Baxter Atlas and his crew of three very thin fellows who all seemed to have back problems, had the living room looking like this by 6:00.

The rest of the house was full of echos and stirred-up dust.

We signed the paperwork out on Forrest Landing, which had been blocked by the truck and our belongings all day. The Sheriff's office told me it would be ok, because nobody uses Forrest Landing Road anyway, which is true most of the time.

Naturally, somebody came clattering down the road in a pickup towing an empty boat trailer, intending to turn around at the spacious landing, which people often do because Forrest Landing Road is steep, curving, and only one lane wide. The landing is the only good place to turn around. We thought "this oughta be good," and it was, although not for the driver of the pickup, who obviously wasn't very good at backing. The driver backed and forthed, seesawed and twisted, and then jackknifed her rig. Just as her clutch was starting to burn, Baxter took pity on her and got her straightened around.