Back to the matter at hand--traveling to New Mexico. Ted's been uneasy for weeks about the need to make this trip in separate cars; it's a mean world out there on Interstate highway land and stuff happens. We do very well traveling together with me at the wheel and Ted riding shotgun. I drive well and much better than I navigate. Ted also drives well, but doesn't care much for it, and he's a superb navigator. We are both excellent at bitching about other drivers and can entertain ourselves that way all day.

Ted's uneasiness is easing. We stay in touch with 2-way radios and cell phones and can not only still bitch together about other drivers, but we can also warn each other about hazards to navigation. I'm driving point while Ted watches my back. We pulled our required 535 miles today and still got to othe hotel by 3:00 p.m.

So far so good.

5/22/09 - HappyHappy birthday to me. We've left Tennessee. We're out of Ar-kans-as. Next Tu-cum-car-i.

Yukon Super BuffetWe're at a hotel in the improbably named Yukon, Oklahoma. On the in-room advertising for local eateries is this stunning example of locational dissonance:

It makes me wonder several things:

  • How many Asian buffets ARE there in Yukon?
  • Do gold prospectors enjoy saké there?
  • Which Asian buffet was voted the WORST one?

Ted's carCindi's carWe packed the cars in haste and they look like it. Perhaps you think they're such a mess because we have been on the road three days now. If that's your thought, I appreciate your generosity, but you are wrong nevertheless.

They looked like this when we started and are actually better organized now than three days ago.